EKSA Library Committee to Implement the 'Boutique PGS Raya' Program

EKSA Library Committee to Implement the 'Boutique PGS Raya' Program

The UMP Library's Public Sector Conducive Ecosystem (EKSA) committee launched the 'Boutique PGS Raya' programme in April. The Preloved Give & Sale Boutique (PGS) with the theme "Raya Meriah Dengan Kami!" will run from April to June 2023.

The PGS Boutique is managed by the Library's EKSA Sustainability Committee which also includes other committee members and library staff. There are several phases of implementation such as collecting items, sorting and donations placement of used goods in designated spaces. The PGS boutique sells mainly used items which consist of baju kurung, jubah, baju melayu, blouses, hijabs, pants, skirts and children's clothes that are still perfect and sold for as low as RM2.

The objective of these programmes is to encourage library members to give and reuse. Furthermore, it is an effort to raise awareness that every second-hand item that are in good condition has values and can be shared with those in need.
The 'PGS Raya Boutique' was held in the Main Lobby of the Gambang Campus Library and received good response among UMP Library users, especially the students. In fact, this program also received positive feedback from those who have bought it because of the quality, usability and for a really low price.

The EKSA Sustainability Committee would like to thank all the staff who donated used goods to help make the 'PGS Raya Boutique' programme a success and the utmost appreciation to those who actively cooperated, helped, and supported the programme. For the time being, donations of goods are still accepted from the library staff and users wishes to contribute. More information on donating goods can be found at the following link:
Written by:

Pn. Affida Abu Bakar
Senior Librarian
Education & Research Unit
Edited by:

Cik Ratna Wilis Haryati Mustapa,
Super Senior Library Assistant

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