• Library catalogue - UMPSA Library Catalogue or known as iPortal is an online public access catalog for UMP Library . It consists information on all materials available at the Library.
  • E-Resources (Ez-Proxy)- The e-Resource UMPSA library provides a comprehensive access to full-text e-journals available. The portal allows you to search for online databases, e-journals, e-Books, by title or by subject. The e-Resource provides both on-campus and off-campus access to the Library's electronic Resource.
  • UMPSA Institutional Repository (UMPSA-IR)- UMP Institutional Repository (UMPIR) is established by UMP Library to collect, capture, store, index, preserve and disseminate university’s scholars publications in digital form. It is a knowledge-sharing/resource database of thesis and project papers by post-graduate students or undergraduate, students, conference papers and journal articles.
  • Malaysian Journal Management System - MyJurnal or Malaysian Journal Management System is a Malaysian online journal management system that transforms and elevates the publishing process of Malaysian scholarly journals.
  • Inter Library Loan - Inter-library loan system specifically cater for inter-library loan (ILL) services. ILL is a service which helps eligible patrons obtain materials that are unavailable in the library.
  • Inter Branch Loan - For the convenience of users in both branches, UMPSA Library offers two (2) internal services, namely Inter-Circulation Loan (PASIR) and Inter-Reference Loan (PARU).
  • Loan Eligibility - Loan Eligibility is total amount of item that users eligible to borrowed and and it varies according to the type of user of the library.
  • Malaysian Citation Index (MyCite) - Delivering access to bibliographic and citation information from scholarly literature published in Malaysian journals, conference proceedings, chapters in books and theses in the sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences and the Humanities.
  • Malaysian Online Thesis (MyTO) - It lists the theses collection compiled from public academic universities and university colleges as well as private academic universities.
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Anti Plagarism-Scanner

  • Turnitin - Turnitin is a web-based software that can help academicians to check the similarity index of references used in preparing an assignment in UMP.
  • VIPER Anti Plagiarism Scanner - Free plagarism Scanner

Library Tools & Citation

  • Mandelay - Mendeley is a web application that helps you collect, manage, and cite research sources. It's easy to use, accessible within your web browser and/or on your desktop, and best of all it's free. Mendeley allows you to organize, as well as annotate and highlight PDFs, add to your citations, organize them into collections for different projects, and create bibliographies using Word or OpenOffice.
  • Citation Style Guides