Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah Library has opened its membership to external users known as Public members.
Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah Library has opened its membership to external users known as Public members. It is a Corporate Social Responsibility for the UMPSA Library in building a knowledgeable community around Pahang. Specialise in engineering knowledge, the Library is ready with various facilities for the public members to enjoy. This membership also allows external users to have access to the UMPSA Library in Pekan and Gambang. Details are as follows:

• Memberships are offered to the local community near UMPSA in Pekan, Gambang, Kuantan, and areas in Pahang.
• This membership is open to all residents near the community regardless of race & religion.
• Membership is also open to secondary school students / civil & private staff / public & private university students / alumni / retirees / researchers, people with disabilities and the local community.
• Facilities at UMPSA Library are Disable Friendly.

1. Public Membership Goals

• Promoting Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah as the university of choice.
• As a UMPSA Library Corporate Social Responsibility to provide reference services to the local community.
• Educating users to love knowledge through the involvement of its members with the Library activities.
• Attracting users to be closer to the library through the latest and conducive reference services, space & facilities.

2. Term and conditions

• Men & Women
• Aged from 13 years and above
• Malaysian & foreign nationals.
• Must comply with the rules on campus set by UMP.

3. Registration

• Users who want to register will have to pay registration fees, annual fees and deposits. Payment must be made through the UMP E-Pay system or online banking transactions only. * Charges depending on the members category: Please refer to the member category table and the charge rate below.
• Copies of personal documents such as photocopies of identity cards (front and back), photocopies of work cards and letters of support from the members employers,
• 2 passport size photos.
• Applicants need to fill in the form with detailed information such as name, current address, email, telephone number.

4. Additional services

• Members who wanted to borrow books will be charged a deposit depending on the type of membership. * please refer to table 1 for categories of members of the public
• Books that exceed the deposit price are not allowed to be borrowed.
• Maximum amount of material that can be borrowed is 2 copies in a 14-day loan period.
• Late return on material is charged at RM0.20 per day.

5. Convenience

• Booking space in library such as Media room / E-Sport room / discussion room / laboratory * (Subject to vacancy)
• Refers to various types of materials in various formats.
• Facilities such as photocopiers & printers are also available.
• Basic facilities such as surau / toilets / room 24 hours
• Leisure equipment & games such as carrom, chess, jenga, sahiba, monopoly, checkers, congkak and many more.

6. UMP Library Public Membership Terms

• As a Public Member of UMPSA Library you are subjected to the terms or rules set by Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah.
• Members also need to bring and  display Smart Cards in UMPSA and also the Library at all times.
• All Facilities & Services offered as members of the public may change from time to time subject to Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah Library regulations.
• The list of additions or reductions in database, journal and E-Book subscriptions depends on the finances of Universiti Malaysia Pahang.
• UMP reserves the right to cancel the membership of individuals who are found to be in breach of the conditions set by Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah Library.
• Membership is valid for a period of 1 year only. Loan deposit must be claimed within 6 months or money donated to the UMPSA MyGift program.
• The UMPSA Library reserves the right to amend the membership conditions from time to time based on any changes set by the Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah Library.
• The use of certain space is subject to the operating time of the UMPSA library.
• Access to the database can only be done through the UMP network. Access also needs to be done inside the library building through the UMPSA library portal. Any access issues related to the portal and EzProxy the user needs to deal with the UMPSA Library.

Public member category and deposit rates


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