Knowledge Sharing by System and Applications Unit : Temi Di Sini: Rakan AI Anda - 18th April 2023

Knowledge Sharing by System and Applications Unit : Temi Di Sini: Rakan AI Anda - 18th April 2023

On April 18, 2023, a sharing session was held at Level 3, UMP Pekan. The title of the sharing session are TEMI di sini: Rakan AI Anda.

The sharing by Ms. Amelia Hasan from the System and Application Unit started at 11.00 am, with face-to-face attendance and online via MS Teams platform. This online mode is made available for all staff in UMP Library Gambang. Also present in the session were Ms. Kamariah Gono, Senior Deputy Chief Librarian who carried out the duties of Chief Librarian, Deputy Chief Librarian Mr. Ahmad Nurudin and Ms. Noorul Farina Arifin and all Library staffs.

Temi is an AI robot provided by the UMP Library to help users at the Pekan UMP Library.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.

According to Ms. Amelia, although TEMI was obtained earlier this year, it took a longer time for it to be made available for users due to TEMIs’ programming.  This is to ensure that TEMI's AI system can learn and understand what it is instructed to do and can make decisions to fulfill its original objectives.
Most of the information entered into the TEMI system is about the Library's facilities, searching of material collections and the location of the rooms provided on level 3. TEMIs’ functions are also to assist users in searching for books/materials directly to the actual bookshelf without any problems.

It is called a robotic mapping process and its purpose is for TEMI to be able to guide the user and return to its base after completion. TEMI is also equipped with a sensor system that will identify whether the route that has been mapped in it is safe or not to proceed.

Because TEMI is an artificial intelligence system, there is still much more information needed by TEMI to be used optimally. TEMI is placed under the Customer Service Unit as an assistant robot and interestingly TEMI will also patrol around Level 3 accordingly during specific time to inform users of library closing times.

Before the session ended at 12.30pm, Miss Amelia encouraged all Library staff to spend time using TEMI because as a result of interaction with TEMI, each piece of information will be stored as a learning resource for the AI ​​robot.

It is hoped that TEMI can carry out its duties in addition to providing the best service and an unforgettable experience for Library Users.
Written by:

Cik Ratna Wilis Haryati Mustapa,
Super Senior Library Assistant

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